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Sales Training

Sales Development

Every business (even non-profits) must have business development at their core. Sometimes we call it "sales" but it is really an integrated approach that ranges from the purpose of the organization through delivery of the products/services and long term customer relationships.

Tim Rooney has innovated some of the most effective business development tools and brings these to organizations through business strategy and sales training events.

If your company is looking for a way to "freshen up" your leadership strategy sessions or sales meeting, call Tim and arrange for a free opportunity assessment and see if your team can benefit from his innovative and effective business building guidance.

Creating a STAR Business

  • Do you want a business that just exists?
  • Does it feel good when the bottom line of your business is zero?
  • Would it make sense for your business to look like every other business out there?
  • Would you enjoy paying lots of money for marketing that gets no response?
  • Would it be wise to throw away customers?

If you or someone you know answered NO to any of these questions, we've got a solution for that!

Watch this short video and ask yourself "Am I ready to start developing a STAR Business?"